MN CE Courses - Professional, Core and Eyelash Extensions

These courses are required of all Minnesota licensed cosmetologists, estheticians and nail technicians who are renewing their licenses.

If you have any questions regarding the class or about maintaining a current license, please see the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page, or call  (952) 283-2770.

For any technical support for the website, please call (612) 636-6668.

Classroom session, or online course? Register for the class you want.

Core Class in Hopkins, MN


On-site course dates are listed below. This class is focused solely on MN Safety and Sanitation and is 4 hours long.  We strive to create a fun classroom setting for this class, which involves no testing. Please contact the academy for information on classes held after the dates listed below at (952) 283-2770.

Online CORE Course


Online CORE (Safety & Sanitation) courses can be taken at any time. You have 14 days to complete each course once you have registered. This course is participation-based and involves games and content touch points. Follow the links below to register.

Online CORE and PROFESSIONAL Course Listings

$50 Professional Course, Bundle with Core for $80

Licenses renewing after August 1, 2017 are required by the MN Board to take 4 hours of “Professional practice” education AND 4 hours of “Core” education. Follow the link to see the online classes we offer.

Online Eyelash Extension 6 Hour CE Course


Those performing eyelash extension services can be grandfathered into a new state licensure if they have already completed an eyelash certification program prior to July 1, 2017 and take this 6-hour CE course before February 1, 2018 to remain licensed for this service.

If you fall outside of the certificate program or CE course to remain active, you will need to take a 14 hour eyelash extension certification course.

Online CORE and PROFESSIONAL Course Listings

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to take the Safety/Sanitation class?

     All licensed cosmetologists, nail technicians and estheticians must take this class prior to renewal

Can I pay online?

     It is preferred that if you plan to attend the in-person class that payment is given in-person the day of attendance. If you plan on attending the in-person class, we prefer cash or check when you check in for the class. The online class will require payment online before beginning the course.

Where do I take it?

    You can take it online through the link above or in person at The Atelier Academy in Hopkins, MN.

I was doing the online class and it froze.  What do I do?

     Check your internet connection. If everything seems normal, please call our tech support number to call (612) 636-6668

When do I need to take the class?

     This class is required for each license renewal (once every 3 years).

I have more than one license.  How many times do I have to take this class?

     The Safety/Sanitation class is required prior to renewal once every 3 years.  If you are dual-licensed, you may count one class toward both licenses as long as the class taken falls within the 3-year renewal period for both licenses.

Are there any other classes I have to take?

     Beginning August 2017, an additional 4 hours of Professional Practice continuing education will be required.  Look for updates at that time.

I took the class.  What else do I have to do to renew my license?

     Once you’ve completed the class, you will need to go to the Minnesota Board of Cosmetologists Examiners to fill out and submit your application and payment for renewal.  For most licenses this can be completed online.  It is recommended to complete this process 4-6 weeks prior to your license expiration date to allow for processing time.

My license already expired.  Do I still need to take this class?

If your license has expired, it is considered inactive.  To reactivate your license, you will need to follow the reactivation process found on the website: (

Do I still need to take a 40-hour Refresher Course?

     As of September 2016, this is no longer a requirement for renewal.  Currently, the requirement is the 4-hour safety/sanitation class and beginning August of 2017 the 4-hour Professional Practice Course

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